A Loyalty Card

For The Local


Why OneCard?

Small businesses have always valued customer loyalty. However, as technology becomes more advanced it is becoming increasingly hard for businesses to engage customers in the way they expect. The solution is OneCard, a company that provides a customized outsourced loyalty card program for small businesses. This service gives businesses the ability to offer unique rewards to fit their store in a more engaging way than a simple punch card. We also provide the tools to work with neighboring businesses to promote your area and draw customer traffic. As we see it, to build a loyal following businesses must work together to support a strong connected local economy.


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Create a custom loyalty system catered to your unique store. Our program is built on a Point Per Dollar system which means customers will see rewards based on the amount they spend, not on the number of visits, enticing them to spend more at your store.


It is important to see the local economy as connected. Use our platform to work with the businesses around you to help cultivate this economy together. OneCard allows you to create promotions across stores and reach customers more efficiently through our outreach dashboard.


As a bonus OneCard will create a second tier of local rewards that will help you to control traffic and see more return from customers. By creating events and involving local venues OneCard will allow you to see increased traffic and more loyal customers.